By Fri, 27 May 2016 GMT

Ode to Joy on Friendship of The Belt and Road Initiative with BISTU First International Cultural Festival

Beijing, 27th May, 2016(BISTU)--- Happy songs, beautiful flowers, fine clothing…Jianxiangqiao Campus is filled with Ode to Joy of BISTU’s first International Cultural Festival---on the friendship between students from countries involved in The Belt and Road Initiative. Vice Chairman Su Bensheng of Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, BISTU President Wang Yongsheng and Vice President Xu Baojie join the happy celebration of the Festival and discussion on international education.  

The Belt and Road Initiative  Promoting International Education  

The international festival starts with performances of students from various countries. ,And the ceremony is hosted by Prof. Wang Xingfen, Director of Academic Affairs Office and Dean of International Education School. Xu Baojie extends welcome to all distinguished guests and offers a brief introduction to development of studying in China programs at BISTU. He points out that international education at BISTU shall be centered on construction of The Belt and Road Initiative and development of international communication of the Municipality. Xu Baojie says that BISTU shall focus on the demand of the Road and Belt Initiative to develop courses and programs with BISTU features. Staff development shall be enhanced to improve the quality of international education. Reform is to deepen on studying in management of China programs. Service and management of international students will be further enhanced so as to improve comprehensive teaching quality of international education. With support of relating policies of the Municipality and the State, BISTU will collaborate with more institutions and universities in innovative activities of joint education programs to build up an open and win-win stage for international education.   

Prof. Wang Weihan of University of International Business and Economics points out in his address that studying in China programs at BISTU nurture talents for overseas Chinese enterprises in their localization. At the same time, it also actively promotes the trade and business between Chinese people and international friends. The Overseas Students Education Seminar will for sure consolidate the foundation of international education and greatly enhance satisfaction of international programs at BISTU. He hopes all international students work hard to contribute to cultural exchanges between China and their own countries.  

Russian student Valentine, a junior student of International Education School, extends thanks on behalf of all international students to BISTU, faculties, and schoolmates. “We are here happily getting knowledge, friendship, and growth.” Says Valentine.  

International Cultural Festival  

On the festival, the first thing we could see is the display area full of show stands like small beautiful palaces. In these stands are pictures, handcrafts, sculptures, snacks, etc., of different cultures. BISTU international students sing and dance in front of their own stands and attract other students to join them. After the ceremony, Su Bensheng, Wang Yongsheng, Xu Baojie and Wang Xingfen visit some of the stands and communicate with international students. President Wang Yongsheng also has a taste of traditional Kazakhstan and Libya foods and takes photos of cultural handcrafts. The warm-hearted Korean students offer President Wang Yongsheng their beautiful, colorful ribbons.    

Suggestions with Expertise from Colleagues of other Universities 

After the opening ceremony, colleagues from University of International Business and Economics and Beijing University of Technology discuss with BISTU faculties on 2016 edition of curriculum for international students majoring in Economics (International Trade) and education and management of international students.  

BISTU ignites studying in China programs in 2000 and establishes International Education School in 2013. The School is responsible for teaching and management of international students at BISTU, teaching of Chinese as a foreign language, and training of international communication skills. Currently, the School offers various programs of different levels, including short-term Chinese courses to undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The students are from over 20 countries and regions, inclusive of Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, Singapore, and America. And the first class of undergraduate program Economics (International Trade) is established in 2013.