A relatively new college at BISTU, the CIE is home to almost 100 undergraduate students from 14 different countries. The majority of our students speak a national language as well as a regional language. Many speak some English as well. We have students from the United States, South Korea, several former USSR-countries, and a handful of African countries. They bring their unique cultures and customs with them making for a truly international atmosphere.M

Our four-year Bachelor’s degree program is unique. All international students are required to pass the HSK Exam Level 4 (Chinese-language proficiency test). Therefore, most students study Chinese 8:50-12:15, Monday-Friday for one years. After passing the HSK 4, students are then merged into the courses of their majors, studying with the Chinese students with the Chinese-language as the medium of instruction.

We realize this sounds intimidating, but do not let it scare you. First, our Chinese-language teachers are very, very good. Many of our students come with no Chinese-language ability whatsoever and pass the HSK 4 after only 8 months. Our teachers are that good. Secondly, Chinese proficiency is a hugely marketable skill in high demand. Governments and Fortune 500 companies pay top dollar for Chinese speakers. Therefore, at the end of four years, you will have not one but two highly marketable skills: your major and Chinese.

As a STEM university, we offer 36 undergraduate degrees in technology, engineering, mathematics, and business-related fields. We offer 51 postgraduate degrees in the same disciplines./p>

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