Admission procedures


Students must bring their "Acceptance Letter" and "Foreign Student Visa Application Form" (JW202), and report to the school before the check-in date.  If a student has not checked in within four weeks from the check-in date, the student’s enrollment will be withdrawn.


1, Go to the College of International Education Admissions and Students Service Office (College of International Education building, room 219) and submit your "Beijing Information Science and Technology University Students Admission Notice" and "Foreign Students Studying Personnel in China Visa Application Form" (JW202), passport, and four passport photos with a white background.

2, Sign the “Students Management Agreement of Beijing Information Science & Technology University and the College of International Education Student Letter of attendance Commitment of Beijing InformationScience & Technology University.” Check in at the reception desk on the first floor.  At that time, payment of the 500RMB dormitory deposit is required before a student will receive his/her room keys.  Finally, students should check the items in the room and indicate any damage on the form you will receive with your keys.

3, Pick up the “Student Enrollment Notice of the College of International Education of Beijing Information Science and Technology University." Obey the teaching arrangement of the school, complete the Chinese proficiency test, and enroll in classes.

Physical Examination

1, Students are required to go to the Beijing International Travel health care center in Haidian (Haidian District, Xi Bei Wang Zhen De Zheng Road No. 10) to complete a health examination.  

2, If the records are expired (health certificate is valid for six months from the date of issuance), the student must get a new health check.

3, The Beijing International Travel Health Care Center has the final say in determining students’ eligibility based on their health.  The University will be unable to arrange resident permits for those students whom the Center determines to be ineligible.

4, the physical examination is paid for by the students.

Health Insurance

Students in the school must buy insurance provided by the China Pingan Insurance Company. This is the only one insurance company is recommended by the Ministry of Education of China.  Specific cost: link cid=126

Residence Permit

To apply for a residence permit, prepare the following materials:

1, JW202 form

2, Residence Permit Application Form for Foreigners

3, Admission notice

4, Physical examination or verification certificate issued by the Health and Quarantine Departments

5, Passport and visa (both the originals and a copy of each)

6, Foreigner accommodation registration form

7, Residence permit fee (to be paid in RMB)

8, Students transferring to BISTU from another university in China must provide a complete School Transfer Certificate.

 Relevant Matters

1, Students who need a leave of absence for things such as sickness, holidays to Hong Kong and Macao or other travel, must obtain permission from the university beforehand.

2, Individuals who travel to other cities in China need to be approved by the school and the Public Security Bureau of travel formalities.

3, Students need to apply for entry and exit visas, residence permits, travel procedures, and are required to pay the associated fees.

4, Residence Permit extension or alteration shall be subject to the consent of the school.  Extensions must be applied for a minimum of one week in advance. According to the procedures of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, overdue applications will be punished by "the People's Republic of China exit and Entry Administration Law". In accordance with the law, the residence permit overdue fine of 500 yuan per day.

5, Visa documents should be kept in good order and must not be altered or damaged.  Loss of a passport must be promptly reported to the police station per the following procedure:

6, Passport loss procedure: Report the loss to the police station.  The foreign student management office will issue a letter.  A notice declaring the loss of the passport will be published in the local newspaper.  A new passport must be applied for at the embassy.

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