Beijing Information Science and Technology University library by Xiao Ying campus library, Jianxiangqiao campus library, Qinghe campus library. Librarywith a total area of about 9525 square meters, reading seats 1123, 110 million volumes of paper books, electronic books nearly 190 million copies, in foreign language database more than 60, audio and video materials 3907, 1368 kinds of foreign language periodicals, newspapers 96.

Libraries have an office, editorial department, Ministry of reading books, circulation department, periodical service, reference consulting department, construction of characteristic resources department, technical support department eight departments.

Xiaoying campus library

Xiaoying campus library with a room full of open shelfed books, borrowing, and reading are classified as one. There is also a book borrowing and 7 reading rooms: periodical reading room, audio-visual reading room, seminar rooms, science and technology books reading room, social science books reading room, reading room, and an electronic reading room.

Jianxiangqiao campus library

Jianxiangqiao campus library has the capacity to check out books. It has a book shelf area and four reading rooms: Chinese periodicals reading room, foreign periodical reading room, conference room, and electronic reading room.

Qinghe campus library

Qinghe campus library has 2 reading rooms: comprehensive reading room and electronic reading room.

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