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Enrollment Guide for Foreign Graduates



I. Majors and Educational System

Our university offers 51 majors (For more detailed information, please refer to the "Master Degree Programs" ) available to international graduate students. The normal duration for Master's degree programs is 3 years with a maximum of 4 years. All majors are taught in Chinese.



II. Applicant Qualifications

1. Applicants should be between the age of 18 and 39. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a high school diploma and transcripts exhibiting satisfactory academic performance. Applicants must have a Bachelor's degree or above.
2.Applicants must possess a moderately high Chinese level.  HSK Level 5 or above is required. (You may start your program courses only after passing HSK5.)
3.Applicants should be in good health.



III. Application Materials

1.A completed Beijing Information Science & Technology University (BISTU) Application Form for International Students.
2.Copies of the certificates of final diploma or Bachelor's diploma (original should be shown, when you arrive at school); graduates should provide expected graduation certificate.
3.Transcript: the applicant’s transcript current as of the most recent semester (original or copy, in English or Chinese). Those students who have not yet completed high school must provide the document, which shows expected graduation date. Once completed, the applicant must provide the copy of high school diploma. (When you arrive at school. Please shows us the original one)
4.Personal statement (including resume,  academic research achievements, plan for graduate education, goals for after graduation, etc.), 1000-word maximum, written in Chinese or English.  Please click on "Personal statement for graduate students".
5.Two letters of recommendation from experts in the applied field of study (must have the minimum professional rank of Associate Professor or equivalent)
6. If the applicant have passed the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK 5), should provide the copy of certificate and result.
7.A copy of the applicant’s passport’s front page and visa or residential permit page.
8.Four passport photos with a white background.
9.The copies of guarantor’s valid documents  (passport or ID card)
10. Application fee: 500 RMB.

Additional remarks:
1.Scholarship applicants are required to submit "Application Form for Beijing Government Scholarship Beijing Information Science & Technology University".
2.Applicants who received a student visa from another university in China.
(1) Must provide a letter of release upon checking in at BISTU (signature and seal) .
(2) Completed teacher’s recommendation form.
(3)A copy of the applicant’s passport’s front page and visa or residential permit page.
3. The application materials and application fee will NOT be refunded.



Ⅳ. Application process

1. Form of application
Applicants may choose one of the following ways to apply for postgraduate program at BISTU.
Method 1: Online application. The applicant can apply from BISTU’s College of International Education’s website ( Click the button labeled "Apply Now" and fill in the information.
Method 2: The applicant may download and complete the application form for international students and email it to our emailbox.
Method 3: Submit the application materials in written form
Application materials may be submitted in person, by third parties, or by mail (Please check the address below).
2. Review Materials and supplement
The university reviews the application materials. The applicant should also submit additional documents by requirement of the university.
3. Interview
 Once accepted, the applicant should go for an interview according to the school notice. If the applicant can not arrive school, the interview will be held by remote video. The interview mainly examines the applicant's professional basis and Chinese level.
4. Admission notification
 The university confirms the list of intended students and sends the letter of admission and Visa Application for Study in China(JW202). (please indicate the method which you want to receive these documents, making certain to include your contact details)



Ⅴ. Application deadline

BISTU accepts applications throughout the year. The deadline for the scholarship application is June 30, 2017.



VI. Tuition and Accommodation Fees

Tuition fee: 26,000 RMB / academic year
Accommodation: 12,000 RMB / academic year (shared room)




In order to encourage and support foreign students, we offer the Beijing foreign scholarship to those who are deserving and qualified.
Scholarship:30,000 RMB/academic year (must be reapplied for every year)

Ⅷ. Visa application
Admitted students must submit the “Admission letter” and “Visa application form for foreign students in China”(JW202) issued by the school to the Chinese embassy in host country to apply for a student visa and go to the College of International Education to apply for a foreigner residence permit.



IX. Contact details

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