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    Q: How long does it take for the JW202 form to arrive?
    A: It can take up to 10 days for the form to arrive from China to the Continental United States. Unless it has been longer than 10 days, do not worry.

    Q: What do I do after I receive the JW202 form?
    A: You must to go to a Consulate General or an Embassy for the People’s Republic of China with all the necessary documentation. They will take your passport and in a few days, you can pick up your passport with the Visa inside.

    Q: How do I pay the Visa fee from my home country?
    A: A wire transfer works best. It should be sent to the school’s bank account.

    Q: What do I do when I get to China in regards to the legality of my lengthy stay?
    A: The school will take all new students to the necessary places for things such as a health check and resident permit. The total cost is less than 1000RMB.

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      Q: Where are my classes located in regards to my dorm room?
      A: If you are taking the Chinese Language course, your dorm room is in the same building as your classes. Very convenient. J

      Q: Is there a room cleaning service?
      A: Yes. You can choose if you would like to have your room cleaned on a once-weekly basis at no additional cost. They do a great job, too.

      Q: What are the rooms like?
      A: The rooms include two beds and two desks, as well as storage. It also includes an air conditioner/heater, TV, fridge, water heater, as well as a radiator. The rooms are decently sized and come with access to a public kitchen on each floor.

      Q: What are the costs in regards to the accommodations?
      A: 1 Academic year (8 Months) 12000RMB. Water does not cost extra. However, if electricity usage goes over a certain amount, there will be a fee. There is also a 500RMB deposit when you arrive.

      Q: How does one go about washing clothes?
      A: This is a relatively simple process. The cycle that costs 3RMB seems to be the most efficient. The payment is made in 1RMB coins, which are exchangeable at the front desk. Soap is not supplied, but can be bought at a store around the area. The dryers are free to use.
      Q: What are the office hours of the building?
      A: The front door is unlocked at 6 AM. During weekdays (Sunday to Thursday) it is closes at 11PM, but on the weekends (Friday and Saturday) it is closed at 2 AM.

      Q: Can I bring a guest into the dorm?
      A: Yes. There is a list the guest must sign. They have to leave in the specific time and stay overnight is not be allowed.

      Q: How do I connect to the school’s internet?
      A: The school provides WiFi, free of charge. Each Student has his/her own login and passcode. Also Ethernet jacks are in each room, for a wired connection. However, all wired Ethernet devices must be manually configured.

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